Our software platform and custom development provides all types of software’s according to your requirements, demands and want. THEORYX just wants to make their customers happy and satisfied from their software development service. We can bring every type business in computers or mobile by creating its software.


How We Work


Our professionals create a complete structure and full-fledged diagram of the method of development, maintenance and testing with all phases and time span

Design & Development

Our professionals shown their designing and development skills in different software and sites development. They just want to fully satisfy their customers requirements


After development an important phase is testing. It is done to check all the week focuses which were left during development.


Our professional team gets satisfied that the software is working properly according to the demands of the customer than it is delivered to our honorable customer.

Why Theoryx

THEORYX is a software development platform where customers comes first. Our team just wants to fulfill all customers’ requirements in best possible way.

Why GoSofto
TheoryX speciality -

THEORYX is recognized as the loyal and trusted company in website development and online business automation. The company has an expert team to offer dissimilar web solutions. It leads results oriented, cost effective, dependable and independent top-quality web and online business solutions. We offer technical zed services of web design, development, theme design, logo design, content design and online business automation. We have highly authoritative and competent creative designers to offer the best choice and options to all our clients.

Unique Design

An important specialty of our professionals is that they give each and every project a unique design which is not available on internet or in themes. Every unique design is developed only to admire our customers and to bring more user to their software and to attract them in each and every way.

Different Layout Type

It is also a unique specialty of our team of experts that they provide different types of layouts to our customized software. In every software you get to see different layouts of the categories and branches and they are not only different from each other, they are eye catching too.


Our Services are to develop every type of software for our valuable customer. We develop a software by following the instruction given by the customer. Testing is done after development, after testing we give then a trail that how to use it. And after handling software to customer we provide maintenance for some time also.

Website Development Services

Since years of experience, we got enough experience to present you a website of your priorities, choice and requirements. All the sites created by our professional team have the capability to enhance the advancement and success of business. We have technically expert to offer the most reliable services and new ideas to our clients to enlarge their business. We know how to direct the image and aims of your business profile in the market. We offer solutions according to market necessities, claims and needs. All these high-quality services are provided at very reasonable prices.

Website Designing

Graphic design is very important for any business in this era. You cannot boost a site without the pinpointing and branding. The designs of the sites must express all the services and behavior of your business profile and it should put a good impression on customer to make him regular and engaged. THEORYX also offer creative design services to build your website. We have highly skilled architectures to provide you designs of your priorities. The design created by our designers are the best way of visual communication and to expose all about the site.

Theme Design

THEORYX has incredible and professional team of theme designers. We are international company offering exclusive and professional theme to meet your business needs demands of customer focusing with attraction and creative theme design. Our customers get highly regard and reputable position in their business. Our team have the skill to convert your business aims and visions in designs offered. Our professionals have extremely ocular taste of the coloring scheme for the designs we offered.

Logo design

Logo is a visual cornerstone of a company’s brand. Your company identity is visually expressed through its logo. Our designers have creative logo design techniques and skills that makes your business profile memorable. Our professionals have masterly commands to create your business and brand identity by designing attractive logo designs.

Content Writing

Content writing is an important features of your website and business development. The content of your website must be of high quality and unique. Your website must contain a content that can attract more visitors to your site. THEORYX has additionally an expert and achieved group to compose profoundly quality substance for your site or business blogs.

Inventory Management

We've assembled authoritative manual for inventory management to even the odds and help you develop your business image with speed, versatility, and keen experiences. You'll discover all that you need from stock control nuts and bolts to best practices and recipes to cutting edge computerization forms.

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